The Moaning Throne taken from "The Magnetic Headache" CD/LP
Bottrop-boy/Tadpole records  

"The Magnetic Headache is the perfect title for this latest blat from Blood Stereo, a.k.a. the husband-and-wife team of Karen Constance and Dylan Nyoukis. They’re both rightfully legendary characters in the British underground, the former for her intensely hallucinatory visual art and music (in Smack Music 7) and the latter for helming the Chocolate Monk imprint, and blowing out gory gunks of crude tape noise with his sister Lisa Nyoukis, a.k.a. Dora Doll, in Prick Decay/Decaer Pinga. Over a decade on, Prick Decay’s Guidelines For Basement Non-Fidel still sounds like a call-to-arms for worldwide underground magnetic tape mangling, as well as a perfect summation of Nyoukis’s aesthetic: namely, gleefully dragging high art forms – musique concrete, sound poetry, improvisation – through the gutter. But while they’re true to their junk-shop take on music, Nyoukis and Constance have composers’ ears. Even their earliest mutations, which at times sounded slapped together, have revealed, in retrospect, a very keen attention to sonority. The Magnetic Headache growls at times. Sputters. You can hear the tapes squalling and squabbling through the heads of the machine. But there are also great moments of repose, where Nyoukis and Constance leave things to unwind slowly, as with "Forgotten Tone Of Fire,” where the steady hum of an organ tone is the bed upon which untouched field recordings and percussives of unknown provenance slowly fold and roll over each other. "The Magnetic Headache" itself opens with warped vocal tones, jump-roping each other to create a mutant frogs’ chorus, where epiglottal trills are slowed to a tortoise’s crawl. Neil Campbell joins the duo for the closing "The Broken Line Recorder,” another slo-mo jaunt through primitive electronic spew, though there’s a particularly disturbing moment where possessed babies giggle and splutter through a fog of wind and drone." - Jon Dale, Dusted


excerpt taken from "The Acidic Wing" 3" CDr
Chondritic Sound  

"Brilliant live set at the '06 ATP. King hell gargling, vocal impressions of violin scrape, murk tapes flying off their reels. Why isn't the entirety of England opening its throat in sacrifice all over this band's front doorsteps? Damned Wire-reading dolts. Plus an ace Karen drawing of a raven sucking the veins out of your arm." - Angela Sawyer, Weirdo Records


untitled taken from "Here Comes Blood Stereo" CDr

our first release, recorded in 2002 or 2003, released 2004. Actually credited as Dylan Nyoukis & Caren Constance "Here Comes Blood Stereo". Frans De Waard hated it. ha!


Talons Of Tar taken from "The Hip Hop Shop Sweepers" compilation CDr
Temple Of Be Saint 777  

Great compilation also featuring Alvarius B, Smegma, Sick Llama, Sic Alps, Robedoor, Nautical Almanac, Charles Balls & Crank Sturgeon, Id M Theft Able, Portland Bike Ensemble, Kawasome Yoshihiro, Witcyst, The Punks, Porest, Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores, Glamorous Pat, Maths Balance Volumes and Tsupoornu. Ltd.100.


Little Bone Is Thirsty taken from "The Trunk Is Flexed"CDr
Chocolate Monk  

A late night whiskey jam with brain bent serenades. Nyoukis & Constance joined by Caroline Lewis (one time Polly Shanger) and southern ladies man Billy Taylor (ex-Melted Men, ex-TL&SiLA). Released 2004.


Awesome Alien Stew (excerpt) taken from "From Tapes and Throats"LP
Giant Tank  

"What?! Ye weren't there?!!! Glasgow got consumed by the collective throats of Antwerpian weirdo Ludo Mich and Brightonian/ Lothian noise-family farmhands Blood Stereo a couple years back. Remember? Relive the night terror inducing Nosferatu yap which melted the minds of the Instal '06 festival audience on side A, before necking the most truly OUT swallie of post-everything sound poetry and tape-dirt manipulation ye''ll chug all year on Side B." - label description
"With Blood Stereo, you can always see the ribs of the sound – they jam sickly econo. This collaboration with Belgian throat-explorer Ludo Mich sees the lunatics stylising the imaginary asylum. Two vinyl sides of thick throated ugh, the 2006 set from the Instal festival is a macrobiotic spread of saliva into electricity and back again. There are few team-ups that so thoroughly ‘verbalise’ the thin line of the insanity lying right under our noses. Now titled “Awesome Alien Stew” the Instal piece could only have been made by the doolally, the degenerate or discoverers, it’s an incursion on the thin eggshell of reason. If this A side is of the moment improv caught in the stageglow, the B side takes a slightly more considered step through its postal collaborative nature. Blood Stereo taking Mich’s 2006 vocals and putting everything together in a The Blob style unstoppable moving jelly. Ludo Mich’s vocal work feels so obliquely outside and unconcerned with the niceties of the norms of sound poetry that’s its difficult to begin to categorise what he’s doing. Far enough outfuckingthere to be an obvious curio, their sound-rambling is still ‘here’ enough to corroborate the view that their as never been a better time for being out of your mind. 9/10" - Scott McKeating


Tapes taken from "Enfold The Hiss"CDr
Chocolate Monk  

TRACK 1: Tape squawk and night-time rumble. I imagine this is how minimalism would sound if Steve Reich was a caveman. Where one character ends and another begins, I cannot tell. Dylan's vocals are somewhere between monsterous and human. The many voices and cracked electronics run like small rivers of electricity through a muddy island. TRACK 2: The sustained tone vibrates endlessly across unknown vistas. It sprawls and sparkles like a black diamond. Some spoken-word junk. Every sound is a manifestation of collective consciousness - every demon, every cold morning light is on display. Incessant hammering of toms, sounds like the end of the world. Narrow corridors changing into mountains. TRACK 3: A grim fantasy world, portrayed through an arrangement for seven voices and one slow-motion hell (in the right speaker). Reminds me of a Cabinet of Curiosities if someone had strung up a two-headed newt and what-have-you on a spinning mobile to fall asleep to. TRACK 4: Heavy, man. Blood Stereo live in Brighton. If the Dead C swapped their axes for rusty cans and contact mics it might sound something like this. Loud elliptical tremors in the ground, voices cracked beyond recognition. Screaming hiss. The sound of a slug being purged from his body. 8/10 - Matt Lindley, Foxy Digitalis


excerpt taken from "For Heavy Lung"CDr
Chocolate Monk  

"Brand new big-band line-up release from Blood Stereo, recorded live in Leeds in April 2005. The duo of Dylan Nyoukis and Karen Constance are joined by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell and Sticky Foster for an Ur-primitive UK underground freak-out that jams signals with electro-flesh conceptions that are as occult as Heathen Erath-era Throbbing Gristle and as ecstatically damaged as anything from the tongue of yr favourite dope-dosing guru. A whole mess of smeared vocals, slow helium of electronics, loops, reeds and - crucially - plenty of doof. Killer." - Volcanic Tongue


excerpt taken from "The Little Creeper"CDr
Chocolate Monk  

"an hour-long Karen/Dylan session recorded live on resonance-fm this past February. Now, I can get happily lost in the least varied, most monotonous long-form noise, but every so often it's nice to hear a lengthy piece that actually visits a range of ear-locales, and The Little Creeper is the best example I've heard in a long time. Constantly engaging, and almost OCD in its search for new sounds, it runs a pretty slick roller coaster from meditative drone to looped rhythm to random samples to vocal exhumations, all inextricably connected and mystically-timed, as if these two have some secret key to the sweet spot at which to stop hammering a sound and transform it into something new." - Noiseweek. Recorded live on Resonance FM


live excerpt taken from show in Pau, France, November 2007

as part of the Beta Project festival which also featured Hair Police, Slither, Sixes, Alan and Rick Bishop and others.


excerpt taken from bedroom jam at home, May 2nd 2004

Horrendous noise jam conducted in a cramped bedroom at Chocolate Monks brighton shack. A four piece face-off with Sarah Bernat (16 bitch pile-up) and Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device).