"Here Comes Blood Stereo" cdr (absurd)

"Live At Sonic Protest" cd-r (chocolate monk)

"The Trunk Is Flexed" cd-r (chocolate monk)

split w/ Moysk en Chimyser cd-r (chocolate monk)

"Hymn For The Crippled Mulatto" cd-r (carbon records)

"Pink Gold" split cs with The Futurians, Anvil Salute & Ville Moskiitto (gold soundz)

"For Heavy Lung" cd-r (chocolate monk)

"The Little Creeper" cd-r (chocolate monk)

Split cs & screenprinted book w/ Pod Blotz (bennifer editions)

"Enfold The Hiss" cd-r (chocolate monk)

"The Acidic Wing" 3" cd-r (chondritic sound)

"From Tapes & Throats" lp with Ludo Mich (giant tank)

"The Magnetic Headache" cd (bottrop-boy)

"The Magnetic Headache" lp (tadpole records)

"Your Snakelike King" lp (pan)

"Blutige Polizei" split cd-r with Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer (chocolate monk)

"Into Aquatic Maze" cs (hanson records)

"Palatine Arches" cs (beartown records)

"Tape Hiss For Brain Wash" cs (feeding tube records)

"The Gither" 3" cd-r (chocolate Monk)

"Palatine Arches/Tape Hiss For Brain Wash/The Gither" cd-r (chocolate monk)

"Live In Rochester" cs (chooclate monk)

"The Trachelin Huntiegowk" lp (tadpole/chocolate monk"

"The Larval Tunning Fork (& Other Visions)" lp (twisted knister)